Bicyline Spacer

It is a device that signals the safe distance and like the helmet, it is an essential element recognized for the rider's safety.


It is not an obstacle for your bike; it is completely streamlined, and weighs only 85 grams 

Visible by day and reflective by night

The aerodynamic rotor and the carbon fiber rod have high visibility stickers for daytime and high reflectivity for nighttime, which will make you visible for up to 150 meters in both conditions

Flexible and durable

 It is completely flexible. Accidental bumps will not affect the bike's stability. In the unlikely event that the reflective element is snagged, the rod will exit the support tube cleanly, without compromising the stability of the rider. Its design is intended to be completely safe in any situation. The carbon fiber rod, covered with a high quality varnish, keeps the characteristics of the Bicyline Spacer  intact, despite the passage of time and the elements.


Use it on the highway or in the city. You can adjust the distance between 0 and 1 meter laterally, in seconds and while pedaling, becoming visible on any type of road, traffic and weather.

Adaptable to any bike frame

No matter what type of bike frame you have, you can tailor Bicyline to it in minutes